Multitouch Piano


Multitouch Piano is a full featured Piano right at your finger tips! Each key was individually sampled and recorded in best CD quality. The multitouch feature lets you play chords with up to four fingers at the same time, giving you the feel of playing on a real piano. Multitouch Piano features four full octaves of sounds reaching from C2 up to C6 and with the simple navigation you can easily find the right position for your tune. Individual enveloping of each sample gives every played note a realistic sustain and provides you with the most sensitive control possible. And now have fun jamming with Multitouch Piano!

Mit Multitouch Piano hast du ein komplettes Piano auf deinem Handy! Jeder Ton wurde individuell gesampelt und in bester CD-Qualität aufgenommen. Das Multitouch-Feature lässt dich Akkorde mit bis zu vier Fingern gleichzeitig spielen; es fühlt sich fast wie bei einem echten Piano an! Multitouch Piano bietet vier komplette Oktaven mit Tönen von C2 bis zu C6, und mit der simplen Navigation findest du schnell und einfach die richtige Lage für deine Melodie. Jede Note erklingt mit einem realistischen Hall den du durch die Dauer des Drückens beeinflussen kannst. So erhälst du die bestmögliche Kontrolle über deinen Sound! Und jetzt viel Spaß beim Jammen mit Multitouch Piano!


6 Responses to “Multitouch Piano”

  1. Greg says:

    Looking forward to playing with this whenever 1.4.5 hits the US :-)

  2. khalil says:

    Very responsive, I like it very much. How about some extra sounds or maybe an emulator where we can import different sounds? Also, a drum app would be good since your app is very useful & responsive.

  3. thomas thorne says:

    love this app…mother tried to get me to play for years. The only thing is that the sustain button has to be press to activate it, ie: keep it to where once you press it, it will stay that way until you want to turn it off / like an On & Off button.

  4. kavchjoe says:

    It would be nice to use the space bar as the pedal. Otherwise great app.

    • hendi says:

      Great idea, thanks! I’ve just submitted version 1.6 to the AppCatalog, it should be there in a day or so! Then you can press the space bar to set and hold the pedal :)

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