Now that HP has closed the App Catalogue we’ve made the full version of OrbLand available for free: Download (http://hendi.io/static/com.naggel.orbland_1.0.1_all.ipk).
Thank you for all your support over the years!

Guide your Orb through a world full of labyrinths and perils by carefully rotating your Pre. OrbLand contains over one hundred addicting levels with many different obstacles and is so much fun to play! It uses a unique physics engine exclusively programmed for this game. So be prepared for the most realistic physics, the coolest obstacles and the biggest fun!

OrbLand is the first game by Björn & Hendi and is now available in the AppCatalog!

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4 Responses to “OrbLand”

  1. Dan says:

    After playing with the demo a bit I have a few suggestions:

    – On the “Select Level” screen provide a button to allow you to start a game at that level. It took me awhile to figure out that I had to go back to the main screen and tap “Start Game”.

    – Have a “Resume Game” button on the main screen so people can automatically resume at the last level they did not complete.

    – When you die, do not issue a popup. Just restart the level automatically. If the user wants to exit, they can just swipe backwards in the gesture area.

    • hendi says:

      Hi Dan, thanks for your feedback, it’s really appreciated! Btw, I love your remixed music player!

      > Select Level
      You’re right that this may cause confusion. In the full version we’re using a completely new level chooser which doesn’t have this problem. If I get some spare time I will definitely update the demo with the new level choser, though at the moment we’re busy preparing some updates for the full version :)

      > Resume Game
      Actually the “Start Game” button in the main menu does that: it takes you to the last played level. But it’s true that this button’s naming isn’t very clear. In the full version the levels aren’t completely linear as in the demo version, so it’s not clear what would be “the last level they did not complete” since there may be different ones. That’s the reason why we chose to go to the last played level, to get a consistent behaviour.

      > No Popup
      There are levels and situations where you can die right from the start. In these cases I find it very annoying when you die all the time without some time to relax and have a look at that level. Though we could detect these cases and only show the popup then, but for me personally it’s important to have a consistent behaviour, that’s the reason why we decided to show the popup all the time. Also, it looks nice, doesn’t it? ;-)

  2. FreDDy says:

    Please release a touchpad version of the game! I love playing it on pre 2. In know a lot of people would appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. Chris Housley says:

    Hi, I know this is unlikely to be answered, but I want to request the lite version of Labyrinth, as the webOS app store no longer exists.
    I loved this game a few years ago when I had a Pixi, and I just recently picked up a Pre 3 to add to my collection. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to find any good apps around anymore.
    Thanks in advance!

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