Drummer is a complete drumset right at your fingertips. For a quick jam with your band, to play along with your favorite song or to simply try some new ideas, Drummer is the ideal choice. It is the first drum app for the Palm Pre and contains three explicitly selected drumsets! “Acoustic”, for the natural drumsound, “Synthesized”, a revival of the old analogue drum machines, and “warped” which takes you to a new dimenstion. Enjoy playing wherever you are…

Mit Drummer hast du ein komplettes Drumset in deiner Hosentasche! Egal ob du mit deiner Band jammen willst, dein Lieblingslied aufpeppen oder einfach nur schnell einen Beat ausprobieren möchtest, mit Drummer rockst du das Haus! Drummer ist die erste Drum-App für das Palm Pre und bietet drei extra hierfür zusammengestellte Drumsets! “Acoustic”, für den natürlichen Schlagzeugsound, “Synthesized” lässt den Klang der Analogen Drummachines wieder aufleben und “Warped” entführt dich in eine andere Dimension!


4 Responses to “Drummer”

  1. Linda says:

    i have a palm pre plus and i want to add this app, but i am not able to. Can u help? it says i have to click on updating apps? please help
    thank you

    • hendi says:

      Drummer needs WebOS 1.4.5 which is as far as I know not yet released in the USA, but I hope it will be released soon.

  2. crazy4vws says:

    Interesting app, but it doesn’t show up in the App Catalog for me. Looks like it supports WebOS 1.4.5 and my Verizon Pre Plus is still on

    • hendi says:

      You’re right, Drummer needs WebOS 1.4.5 since we use some of its features to allow low-latency playback. I hope it will be released on Verizon soon!

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